Carers SA will be piloting an exciting new facilitated carer coaching program as part of the Carer Gateway Services.

The Coaching service is designed to provide an opportunity for carers to reflect on their experiences and needs, identify personal goals or changes they would like in their life. It is a simple conversation about change, what that change might look like and then assisting a carer identify how they might get there.

The coach is there to support the carer, reflect back their story, engage in intentional discussions to gently support a carer to identify the things they may want to work towards and to create simple action plan.

Coaching can be up to 6 x 1 hr sessions and discussions can be around anything the carer wants to focus on including:

  • Your Health and Wellbeing
  • Understanding Inclusion and advocacy
  • How do you feel?
  • Navigating the day to day challenges of the caring role
  • Exploring how to build and maintain mutually supportive relationships
  • Work, study and volunteering
  • Exploring the financial implications of your caring role

To access the coaching program please call the Carer Gateway number 1800 422 737 and talk to a member of our planning team.