For some time now we have been developing a NDIS booklet for carers supporting a family member with psychosocial disability. Over the past three years we have heard many stories from carers about their concerns about the difficulties in understanding the NDIS and that carers rarely get a mention.

Drawing on all these stories, and information we received from service providers and social media, we decided we would develop a resource where the spotlight would shine on carers. After all they are often the safety net, the safe haven which enable people with psychosocial disability to live as best as they possibly can.

It started out a simple booklet but as we realised how much information carers needed to know, it just grew and grew and grew!
Once we completed the final draft we asked several carers to critique the resource. Their insights, suggestions and comments proved to be invaluable.

The Carers Guide to Psychosocial Disability and the NDIS encompasses a whole range of topics from what is the NDIS, who does what, what is the Access Process, collecting evidence, preplanning and the planning meeting and where carers fit into all aspects of the NDIS. Along the way we have provided tips, links to other websites, an extensive glossary and lots, lots more.

We hope that carers will dip into it whenever they need to learn about a certain aspect of the NDIS. Aside from the index, each section is colour coded for easy reference.

The resource is available on our website and we will be reviewing, amending and refining the booklet as things change to ensure it is relevant and up-to-date. Therefore each time an update is made it will be noted and the date change accordingly.

While the booklet has a focus on psychosocial disability, it will also prove useful for any carer supporting a family member across a range of disabilities

For now it is only available in English but we also want to explore funding opportunities to have the booklet translated into other languages.

Lis Burtnik

NDIS Project Manager


To read the guide click here.