Covid-19 has changed our world and certainly had a strong impact on carers. As this global health crisis developed, Carers SA has made welfare calls to thousands of carers, provided services to carers – and will continue to support carers into the future – no matter what this future may bring. 

Between April and June 2020, Carers SA checked on the wellbeing of 3,625 carers and their families.

During May and June, 1,463 carers also took part in a survey with questions specifically related to the experienced impact of Covid-19: 

  • 318 of the participating carers lived within metropolitan Adelaide
  • 1,145 lived in country, regional and remote South Australia
  • 49% of carers were under 65 years of age.
  • the youngest carer was 14 years old, the most senior carer was 92 years.
The good news is that many of the carers demonstrated extraordinary resilience and reported that at this point – 3-4 months into the pandemic – they were coping ok and at that time, took the shift in circumstances in their stride.
However, 721 carers – which is nearly half of the carers who answered the survey – reported that they had to manage at least one or more issues of substantial negative impact due to Covid-19:
  • 54% – 393 listed loss of social connection as the issue of most severe impact
  • 24% – 175 listed deteriorating mental health and in addition:
  • 10% – 74 carer’s own health deteriorated
  • 27% – 185 access to services
  • 29% – 282 reported dealing with other impacts – which also included issues around transport, food security, financial hardship, employment etc.
  • 18% – 247 of carers reported due to Covid-19 to have no time to themselves
  • 15% – 110 carers reported receiving no helpful (care support) services
  • 53% – 387 carers felt concerned about the easing of Covid-19 restrictions
Carers SA is continuing to provide support to carers during the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing recovery period. The careful re-introduction of face to face and group services will commence in line official restrictions, health guidelines and social distancing requirements. The latest information on Covid-19 restrictions are available on the SA Health website.
Carers can contact our friendly Carer Support Planners on 1800 422 737 or click on the Chat Button on our website to talk to our Carer Advisor.  Carers can also check out the wellbeing resources for carers via the Carer Gateway:
Marianne Lewis
Senior Policy, Projects and Carer Engagement Officer