There are currently more than 245,000 unpaid carers in South Australia providing vital support to family members and loved ones who are frail, aged or have a disability, health condition or mental illness.

Unfortunately, many unpaid carers put their needs after those they care for, and don’t always seek the supports that are available to them. 

In fact, statistics show that unpaid carers have the lowest levels of wellbeing of any Australian group, with a survey showing that 90 per cent admit to putting the needs of the person they care for before their own. 

“With carer wellbeing significantly lower than that of those not caring, it’s important that carers remember and take the time to look after themselves,” Carers SA CEO David Militz said. 

New supports now available

For unpaid carers living in South Australia, Carers SA can now help you access support services through the new Carer Gateway Support program.

Carer Gateway Support Services are a range of new supports for unpaid carers, implemented by the Australian Government, with the sole purpose of improving the wellbeing of carers in Australia.

This new system will include a range of online and personal supports that will prioritise early intervention for new carers, and fast intervention for carers most at risk, or in need of support.

Some of the new online services available include: 

  • Peer support: an online community forum to provide a trusted platform for carers to share stories, knowledge and experience.
  • Self-guided coaching: a series of online coaching modules that will cover a range of topics; and
  • Practical skills courses: to improve general skills and knowledge for carers.

A new phone-based counselling service is also available for short term emotional and psychological support for all carers.

Carers SA has been selected as the Carer Gateway Service Provider for South Australia, and is now the main provider of carer support services in the state.

Once you register with Carers SA and undergo a Carers StarTM assessment –  which is simply a conversation with one of our friendly Carer Support Planners – we can then provide tailored personal support services for you, including:

  • One on one counselling;
  • In-person peer support;
  • In-person coaching; and
  • Emergency respite care.

Carers can also access flexible Carer Directed Support Packages to suit individual needs. This may include assistance to access:

  • Respite care;
  • Equipment;
  • Education and training  
  • Cleaning services; and
  • Transport.

To register for support services, contact Carers SA to arrange an assessment with one of our trained, Carer Support Planners.

To find out more contact Carers SA today on 1800 422 737 or visit