What’s involved in a Carers StarTM assessment?

We understand that asking for help can sometimes be hard, especially when you provide unpaid care for someone you love.

Carers SA was established more than 30 years ago to ensure that unpaid carers who look after family members and loved ones don’t fall through the cracks, and get the help they need to live happy and healthy lives.

Unfortunately, it’s well-known that many unpaid carers don’t seek the supports that are available to them, with a survey conducted in South Australia showing that 90 per cent put the needs of the person they care for before their own. 

Getting the help you need

Carers SA is the Carer Gateway Service Provider for South Australia, which means it is the main provider of support to unpaid carers in SA.

If you would like Carers SA to help you all you need to do is call us to register with Carers SA, then we will arrange an assessment for you, with one of our trained Carer Support Planners.

Carers SA uses an assessment tool called the Carers StarTM, which allows us to work in collaboration with you, to create a plan that will most benefit your caring role.  

All carers must undertake a Carers StarTM assessment to be eligible to access supports through Carers SA, but it’s nothing to worry about, it’s simply a conversation, so we can figure out the best way to support you.

Carers StarTM assessments are underpinned by the understanding that positive outcomes for carers depend on a number of elements, including: your circumstances, resources, skills, and mind-set. 

The seven key things we will discuss with you in your confidential Carers StarTM assessment will include: 

  • Your health;
  • Your caring role;
  • How you’re managing at home;
  • Whether you’re able to make time for yourself;
  • How you’re feeling;
  • Your financial situation; and
  • Your work life.

Our Carer Support Planners will use these Carers StarTM factors to guide a purposeful conversation with you that allows the focus to be solely on your needs, health and wellbeing, and social connection.

This conversation will highlight your strengths and identify gaps in your support, so that you and your planner can work together to discuss possible internal or external supports that will help to bridge those gaps.

Following your assessment, you will receive your Carers StarTM and a comprehensive plan with agreed referrals, goals and actions.

To find out more and register with Carers SA contact us today on 1800 422 737 or visit carerssa.com.au.