Calling all artists


Carers SA seeks to commission a public artwork. The objective of the artwork is to
• Educate and raise awareness regarding the number of carers in the community
• Recognise and celebrate carers
• Raising awareness about the diversity of carers in our community and the role of carers
• Reflect the diversity and significant role of a carer
Cares SA recognises the important role public arts plays in enhancing a message and as a means of engaging with the community.

Carers SA is seeking to commission a South Australian artist/artist team to create an emotive public artwork that reflects the cultural and social significance of carers, and the importance of carers. Artists with lived experience as a carer are strongly encouraged to submit an expression of interest.
Carers SA is keen to raise awareness regarding carers and the role Carers SA plays in supporting carers through community engagement and interaction and commissioning an artwork that reflects the vision and mission of Carers SA.
It is intended that this artwork be unveiled during National Carers Week in October and be utilised for the foreseeable future to raise awareness and pay tribute to the role of a carer in the community.
National Carers Week is a time for all Australians to recognise and celebrate the important contributions the 2.65 million carers make to their families, friend and our community, whilst raising awareness among Australians about the diversity of carers and their caring role.
It is anticipated that the artwork is engaging, emotive and ideally interactive.