The Federal Government’s 2015-16 Budget committed to developing an integrated plan for carer services nationally and created the model, Integrated Carer Support Service (ICSS) to deliver this.  

With the implementation of this new model, the federal government is changing the way supports will be offered to carers from April 2020. As a result there are a number of new descriptors that carers will hear over the coming months. Here, Carers SA have tried to demystify four that people may commonly hear.

  • Integrated Carer Support Service or ICSS – the name given to the bundle of supports available to carers, sometimes referred to as the new service delivery system or model
  • Carer Gateway – really means the website and 1800 number that will allow carers to access supports
  • Carer Gateway Service Provider/Regional Delivery Partner- this simply refers to the organisations government have contracted to deliver supports to carers
  • Carer Support Planning Process or Carers StarTM – the process that staff will use to work out what challenges carers are facing and what services might help. Otherwise known as an assessment.
To complement the in-person services that Carers SA currently, and will continue to provide in the future, a number of helpful online services are available. These can be accessed via a website called the Carer Gateway, and it would be
beneficial for carers to become familiar with this site as it exists to help and provide assistance.
Current services now available via this website are:
  • On-line peer support – this will connect carers with other carers and provide on online community forum. Carers can join this as well as have an in-person peer group if they wish.
  • Self-guided coaching – to teach carers valuable skills useful to the caring role.
  • Phone based counselling – provides short term emotional and psychological support
  • Practical skills courses – the current modules available are ‘Dealing with Stress’ and ‘Effective Communications Techniques’.

For any queries about the new ICSS model, please contact Carers SA on 1800 422 737 or email