A new way for your health and wellbeing

Providing an estimated $60.9 billion of unpaid care per year, Australia’s 2.65 million unpaid carers play a vital role in our communities.

But many unpaid carers struggle to access supports to ensure their own health and welfare, with statistics showing that they have the lowest levels of wellbeing of any group.

This occurs for a variety of reasons, including lack of time, not knowing where to access help and not realising that they are a carer.

A new way

To ensure Australia’s unpaid carers are able to access the supports they need, a new model has been introduced by the Federal Government to make it easier for carers to navigate and find assistance.

The new system is all about tailoring support to help carers. As well as providing a range of new online resources, an Australia-wide network of Carer Gateway Service Providers has also been activated, to ensure carers have access to tailored services, such as:

  • Carer support planning;
  • Carer directed support packages;
  • In-person counselling;
  • In-person peer support;
  • In-person coaching; and
  • Emergency respite care.

Carers SA has been selected as the Carer Gateway Service Provider for South Australia, and as such, is now the main provider of carer support services in the state.

This new system will simplify access to services for carers by providing one single point of entry for all unpaid carers in South Australia.

The purpose of this new system is to improve carer health and wellbeing, and increase social and economic capacity among carers.

In order to achieve this, the new system will prioritise:

  • Investment in services that have been proven to improve quality of life for carers;
  • Investment in a range of low-cost, yet effective, preventative services for carers including: counselling, coaching and peer support;
  • Early intervention for new carers, to ensure ongoing support throughout their lifetime as a carer; and
  • Swift intervention for carers most at risk and in need of support.

To find out more and register with Carers SA contact us today on 1800 422 737 or visit carerssa.com.au.