Can a single voice really make a difference? Or is that one single vote, this small mark we make in a box next to a name on a piece of paper, a mere drop in the ocean of opinions?

If you are one of the disillusioned voters, let me tell you: If you consider yourself a lonely, single drop while looking out at our glorious expanse of ocean right in front of our State’s doorstep, then you may be excused for feeling minuscule and insignificant.

However, if you may have heard of the “Butterfly Effect” where the flap of a butterfly’s wing on one side of the world can set in motion events of significance on the other side of the globe – then you may feel differently about the importance of your vote.

Imagine that the 245,000 South Australian carers all choose to take up their rights and choose to be butterflies on March 17th and cast their vote to produce one giant, purposeful wing-stroke for the future of carers in this state.

That is empowerment!

As voters in this State Election 2018, we have an opportunity to consider candidates that have voiced respect for the massive $4.8 billion worth of contributions South Australian carers make per year. Adults often vote not only for their own future benefit, but also with the benefit of the general community in mind.

Many parents and other adults with voting rights have already told us that they will take into account the needs of carers (and young carers) within their family, or circle of friends when considering who to vote for.

Elections are watershed moments, important forks in roads to the future, where every day Australians have a say in how our future will be designed.

Hence, we ask all of you to follow through on your convictions with your vote on March 17th. Elections give us opportunities to re-negotiate the relationships between citizens (carers – including young carers) and Government.

Imagine South Australia becoming a “Carer Friendly State”.

Carers have now the opportunity to influence a respectful landscape of politics by casting 245.000 votes for Carer Recognition and the Rights of Carers.

Your single vote will influence the strength of all carers’ voices in South Australia.

Butterflies Unite: “March is here!”

Marianne Lewis, Carers SA, Senior Policy, Projects and Carer Engagement Officer