During the COVID-19 health pandemic, Carers SA is fully committed to supporting South Australian carers (click here to learn more). If you need assistance during this time, please call us on 1800 422 737


  • Carers SA – Impact of COVID-19 Survey Results

    An infographic highlighting the results of a Carers SA Survey to approximately 1,400 carers regarding the impacts of COVID-19 on themselves and their caring role.

  • Transport and Care – Bridge to Cars Pilot Report 2019

    This report contains a detailed process description, evaluation discussions and shares insights into the project and the subsequent Bridge to Cars Vehicle Sharing Pilot 2019.

  • Transport and Care Survey 2018 – Summary Report

    Carers SA conducted a research project investigating transport issues across metropolitan and regional South Australia.
    This summary of our finding is designed to support transport advocacy strategies across sectors and allow community and carer concerns around transport (and supported transport) to be heard.

  • Carers Count 2017 – Survey Report

    Carers SA Report - December 2017 - Report outlining the results from the bi-annual carers survey which highlights the everyday life of unpaid carers and puts a spotlight on the issues and challenges faced by carers and their families.

  • Young Carer Transition Points

    Carers SA Report - May 2017 - Report outlining and explaining the transition points young carers go through from early childhood right through to 25 years of age.

  • Carers SA Young Carer Service Model and Pilot

    7th International Carers Conference – Presentation of Carers SA’s Young Carer Service Model and Pilot - 06-Oct-2017.

  • 2017 Carers Count Survey Data Summary

    Summary document of the 2017 Carers Survey, highlighting many important important statistics regarding carers in South Australia.

  • LGBTI Carers

    Issues and Challenges - student placement project - January 2017. Addresses who are LGBTI carers, barriers to entry, conflict and layers of grief, heternormative care environments and recommendations.

  • Young Carers – What Next?

    Accompanying resource to Carer SA's Good Practice Forum - “Young Carers – What Next?” - October 2016.