David Militz – CEO, Carers SA recently chaired a ‘Thinker in Residence Roundtable’, organised by the Don Dunstan Foundation, with primary Thinker in Residence, Allyson Hewitt as part of the Social Capital Residencies. Allyson leads the social innovation programs at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, Canada. Allyson has assisted hundreds of social ventures to become economically sustainable and increase their social impact, has initiated and implemented public policy to support social enterprise and has developed a range of social innovation programs at MaRS.

The Roundtable participants explored what a strategic and innovative approach to Transport and Care might look like across South Australia.

  • The sharing economy is already disrupting the paid care and transport sectors but how will it affect the needs of unpaid carers and their loved ones?
  • Can we leverage the sharing economy to improve wellbeing for the 245,000 carers in South Australia?
  • What other disruptions or opportunities are on the horizon (e.g. driverless cars, UBER, Cooperatives etc) that we can prepare for now for the benefit of our citizens?

A future meeting is in planning to progress potential collaborative innovations to support South Australian carers’ needs to manage Transport and Care.