National Carer Survey

How has completing previous surveys helped Carers?

1. Increased in Carer Payment and Other Social Security Payment
Based on insights from previous National Carer Surveys and feedback from Carers, Carers Australia and the National Carer Network (including Carers SA) have successfully made multiple Federal Budget submissions. This advocacy has led to the increase in financial security for Carers through enhanced flexibility within the Carer Payment.
2. Recommendation to Review and Improve the Act
Through past surveys, Carers Australia and Carers SA have been able to complete submissions to the Federal Inquiry into the effectiveness of the Australian Carer Recognition Act 2010. This lobbying effort has resulted in a recommendation to review and improve the Act.
3. Essential for Achieving Real Improvement for Carers
Without your participation in this survey, our advocacy and lobbying efforts would lack the necessary data to be effective. Up-to-date survey information is vital for informing policy and decision-makers, including government officials and ministers. This evidence is essential for achieving real improvements in recognition and services for Carers.
By participating in Carer-specific surveys, you are playing a crucial role as our partners in shaping policies and securing better support and recognition for all Carers. Your input is invaluable and directly contributes to meaningful change.