Are You Ready For A Change?

Whether you don’t know where to start or know exactly what you want, our FREE coaching service can help you.

Coaching is designed to provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your experiences and needs, identify personal goals or make changes important to you.

Talk to a professional coach to reflect on experiences and needs, identify personal goals and create a plan to reach these goals. Coaching provides Carers with the opportunity to explore how their caring role affects different areas of your life.

The Carers SA Coach works alongside you. You remain the driver of the process and are empowered by the Coach.

Coaching focuses on Carer needs and identifies how you may want things to change.

Coaching can be up to six sessions and discussions can be around anything you want to focus on including:

•  Health and wellbeing
•  Understanding inclusion and advocacy
•  Exploring the emotions of caring
•  Exploring how the caring role can change over time
•  Navigating the day to day challenges of the caring role
•  Exploring how to build and maintain mutually supportive relationships
•  Work, study and volunteering
•  Exploring the financial implications of the caring role



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"(Coaching) has given me so much hope for the future! The start of my new chapter when I was ready to throw away the book! I really feel now that my life can turn around, for the better, I can change my life and achieve my goals and dreams.”