Carer Support Planning

To help us understand your needs we use the Carer Support Planning process. 

The Carer Support Planning process is used by all Carer Gateway providers across Australia, and includes: 

  • Intake and registration
  • Needs assessment using the Carers Star™ process and
  • Planning, coordination, and monitoring

The Carers Star™ process helps our team to identify the strengths and the challenges you as a Carer are facing, find the types of support which might be helpful, and set goals that you want to work towards. 

Following the completion of the Carers Star™ process, our team will work with you to develop an action plan and find and connect you with supports to assist you. 



What’s involved in the Carers Star™

We understand that asking for help can sometimes be hard, especially when you provide care for a family member or friend. 

It’s well known that many Carers don’t seek the supports that are available to them, with a survey of South Australian Carers showing that 90% of Carers put the needs of the person they care for before their own.  

Getting the help you need starts with a simple conversation 

If you would like Carers SA to help you, all you need to do is call us to register, then we will arrange an assessment for you with one of our trained team members. 

All Carers must undertake a Carers Star™ assessment to be eligible to access Carer Gateway supports through Carers SA, it’s simply a conversation, so we can figure out the best way to support you. 

The seven key things we will discuss with you in your confidential Carers Star™ assessment will include:  

  • Your health
  • Your caring role
  • How you’re managing at home
  • Whether you’re able to make time for yourself
  • How you’re feeling
  • Your financial situation and
  • Your work life

Our team will use these Carers Star™ factors to guide a purposeful conversation with you that allows the focus to be solely on your needs, health and wellbeing, and social connection.