Carer Directed Support is a consumer directed approach to supporting carers in their caring role. It gives carers a greater say and more control over the design and delivery of the support provided to them and the person/s they care for.

Support may be offered in one of two forms:

  • Once off practical support – Financial assistance to enable carers, without the need for ongoing assistance to access support. This would be for tangible items that directly contribute to supporting carers in their caring role or to access education or employment.
  • Carer Directed Packages – Financial packages can be directed towards a range of practical supports to assist carers in their role. Carers may be able to access funds over a 12-month period. These packages may be used for planned respite, short term cleaning services, assistance with shopping to taxi for transport to medical appointments etc.

A tailored financial package can provide you with the practical support of your choice, giving you the freedom to determine what may satisfy your needs as well as your responsibilities as a carer.

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