During the COVID-19 health pandemic, Carers SA is fully committed to supporting South Australian carers (click here to learn more). If you need assistance during this time, please call us on 1800 422 737

Online Carer Gateway Services


The Carer Gateway Website provides practical information and resources to support carers.

It links carers to information about other support systems, such as NDIS, My Aged Carer and Centrelink payments.

Carers are also able to access a range of online supports to help them manage their daily challenges, reduce stress and plan for the future.

The services offered online, in addition to the supports that Carers SA can provide carers through the Carer Gateway program, are shown below.

To learn more about these free supports and to access these online services to help you in your caring role, visit carergateway.gov.au or phone 1800 422 737.

Online services now available

  • Phone counselling

    Provides short term emotional and psychological support.

  • Online skill courses

    Supporting carers to improve their general skills and knowledge.

  • Self-guided coaching

    An online service to support carers build their capacity, self-identify needs and goals, and self-manage their situation.

  • Online peer support community forum

    The online peer support community forum connects carers in similar circumstances.

To access this information, learn about these free supports and online services to help you in your caring role, visit carergateway.gov.au or phone 1800 422 737.