05th June 2023

Australian Carers Guide – Winter Edition 2023

Keeping Warm this Winter

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  • Why do we feel SAD?: The winter blues is also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and can be a more severe mental condition for the elderly. Learn why it happens and how to prevent it from leading to depression.
  • Keeping warm this winter with colour!: One of the easiest ways to feel better this winter is to use the power of colour. See how colour will elevate your mood and make you happier instantly.
  • Carer Payments – How much can you get?: How and where do you even start with carer payments? A short and easy article to help you understand your eligibility and how you can benefit from the scheme.
  • Making Home Safe: Ensure the safety of your elderly loved one at home with this comprehensive article and safety checklist for peace of mind.
  • Jean Kittson, Actor and comedian: Making the decision to move home after a death or incident of a loved one is never easy. Jean simplifies the process with a checklist that considers everyone’s opinions, especially your elders.
  • Maggie Beer. Warms us up this winter with a delicious home cooked meal and scrumptious dessert (hint: includes ice cream!). Easy to make recipes and dishes that the whole family will love.
  • Carers Gateway Explained. Discover how Carer Gateway supports carers across Australia with free services, including counselling, peer support groups, respite care, and home help equipment.
  • Fun & Games. Enjoy some relaxation with puzzles, quizzes, brain games, and a fun colouring contest!
  • Plus… Ita Buttrose: Part 2: Recognising Elder Abuse – Decluttering your world.

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